Eid Holidays of 2022 in Pakistan

Eid al-fitar is the most valuable, Occasion of Muslims around the world. the federal Government of Pakistan’ has officially announced, Eid holidays of 2022 in Pakistan.

Eid Ul fitar

Current Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Shahbaz Shareef. have publicly declared regarding official leaves of “Eid ul Fitar 2022” in Pakistan.

Officially leaves will start from Saturday 30th April, 2022 till Thursday 5th May, 2022.and peoples may resume their services from Friday.

People from all over the world may celebrate the event, from there own country dynamics. since Eid ul fitar is the most valuable occasion of Muslims World. people around the globe worship Allah and ask to Allah to forgive there sins. and after fasting in the whole month of Ramadan, they celebrate Eid in a view, that they have safely survived in a whole month with prays, so Allah has removed there sins and forgiven them.

So that they start the month of Shawal as a month of new born, with the believe that since now there soul is Clear, and now they will do good deeds in future as instructed in Holy Quran.

therefore they buy clothingapparelsShoes and all stuff to celebrate the event accordingly.


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